Articles: UCULM contributors are encouraged to write articles on any legal topic they choose, so long as they rely upon credible sources to build a coherent, identifiable, and novel argument. Articles must be at least five pages in length; there is no page maximum for articles that the UCULM will consider. Contributors are asked to follow closely the Maroonbook citation style in their articles, but resources and assistance are provided for those unfamiliar with this style. 

Please submit your article submissions via the form at the bottom of this page. To be considered for inclusion in Vol. V, Issue 1 (Autumn 2015), articles must be submitted by 11:59 PM (CDT) on September 16, 2015.

If you would like to discuss possible ideas for an article's topic, feel free to reach out to the editorial board at We would be happy to suggest possible topics that warrant your attention.

Blogging: Blogging is the best forum for discussing legal or political opinions, covering events, profiling law schools and summer programs, providing advice for law school and internship applicants, or exploring interdisciplinary subjects. 

Blog submission guidelines:

  1. Blog posts range in length from 400 to 1200 words.
  2. Though blog posts are less formal than articles, it is best to err on the side of formality.
  3. Blog posts should be written in an Op-Ed style and use the third-person tense. 
  4. Blog posts must rely upon concrete sources to support claims, directly hyperlinking body text to these sources. 

Please submit your blog posts via the form at the bottom of this page. If you would like to provide a pitch prior to writing a blog post, please feel free to email

Submit articles and blog posts below:

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Abstracts of at least 150 words are required for all article submissions. If you are submitting a blog post, simply provide a 2-4 sentence summary of your post, in lieu of a formal abstract.
Please provide at least 2 keywords for your submission; 1 relating to an area of law (e.g. torts, liabilities, criminal), 1 relating to the facts of the case (e.g. autonomous vehicles, racial profiling)
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Finally, please upload your manuscript at: Only Word or PDF formats are accepted.