Conquer the LSAT with UCULR and Blueprint LSAT Prep

By: Alida Miranda-Wolff

On Tuesday, April 3rd from 6:00-7:30, UCULR is co-hosting an event with Blueprint LSAT Prep, a non-traditional LSAT company that increases LSAT scores through funny and entertaining in-class sessions, live-streaming HD animation and tutorials, and social media.

UCULR has chosen to work exclusively with Blueprint because it is an LSAT company that only specializes in the LSAT and works to make class less boring and more student-friendly with pop culture references, illustrations, hands-on activities, and lively instructors. On average, scores increase by 11 points after one course, but 21% of all Blueprint students see an increase of 15 points or more. More importantly, Blueprint is so committed to helping students improve their scores that it offers a full money-back guarantee to any student whose score does not increase by 5 points. Students enrolled in either the online or live classes can access a full scoring analytics report, which allows them to gauge their progress and pinpoint their areas of weakness, eliminating the risk of score stasis.

At the UCULR/Blueprint event, attendees will experience the Blueprint method first-hand, with Luke Gullickson, the Chicago instructor, breaking down logical reasoning and logic games problems with diagrams and personal anecdotes. He will also give an overview of the LSAT and give advice on scoring high, getting into law school, and getting through a four hour test. Blueprint is giving all attendees $500 off of live classes for Spring, which means receiving five textbooks, sixteen classroom sessions, six proctored full-length exams, three targeted clinics, and three review workshops for $799. UCULR members will receive an additional $100 off. All attendees are eligible to win a free Blueprint LSAT course, as well as prizes including bottle-openers and t-shirts.

To learn more about Blueprint, look at its Most Strongly Supported blog, which is currently the most viewed LSAT blog in the country. The blog often features free tips and tricks to cracking the LSAT that lead to big point increases. However, the blog doesn’t just focus on the LSAT, but also includes engaging entries on law school and legal life.

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP with us on Facebook, or via email at If you cannot attend the event, but would still like more information on the LSAT, feel free to get in touch with us.