Introduction to the UCULR Law Blog

What is the University of Chicago Undergraduate Law Review? Law reviews are publications written and published by law schools and by bar associations. These publications consider the trends, developments, and changes in American law and in international law. These scholarly journals challenge civil and criminal cases in a formal, academic setting. The UCULR aims to emulate the traditional law review.

However, the University of Chicago undergraduate community is anything but traditional. A law review written, edited, and produced by undergraduate should reflect our distinctive perspective on legal subjects. The University of Chicago Undergraduate Law Review (UCULR) aims to fill this need for scholarly work about the law.

The UCULR publishes both articles and blog posts about the law. Articles published in the UCULR span a diverse range of subjects, and are divided into Careers in LawDomestic Law, and International Law categories. These articles will reflect the more traditional composition of a law review.

Why have a blog? The blog will be an important avenue for this work in a modern world that values information technology. In addition to the scholarly focus of the articles, the blog posts will reflect the individual perspective of undergraduate writers. The Law Blog page aims to fulfill this need for opinion, discussion, and argument.

How will the blog work? Our submission guidelines are outlined on our Submit Content page, but I will briefly recap the expectations. Blog posts have a strict word limit between 400-1000 words, but do not have strict stylistic demands or require legal citations. Blog posts should pertain to legal subjects – cases, legislation, judges, or careers in law. Most importantly, posts should reflect your own unique perspective.

I will edit the submission to the blog with assistance from the other editors, bloggers, and writers of the UCULR. We have an immensely talented collection of people at our disposal, and the blog aims to reflect this talent.

What does the Law Blog hope to accomplish? As editor, I hope to engage in an informed conversation of the law in an online context. I hope the blog is entertaining and educational. I hope the blog exposes unlikely connections and confusing problems within the legal community and in the larger public sphere. Most of all, I hope the blog can reach an audience and affect an audience.

Once again, welcome to the University of Chicago Undergraduate Law Review and welcome to the blog!

Molly Cunningham is a third-year at the University of Chicago and is the UCULR's Blog Editor. Questions about the blog? Contact Molly at