The Return of Blueprint LSAT Prep

By: Alida Miranda-Wolff

In celebration of UCULR’s first birthday, the UCULR board is teaming up with Blueprint LSAT prep yet again to host an hour-long LSAT prep session. On November 29th from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm, Blueprint’s own Chicago instructor will give a mini-lesson complete with tips and tricks to crack the LSAT while you gorge on free Five Guys’ burgers and fries.


For those of you who know you’ll have to take it eventually, but are not sure when, this session will debrief you on what the LSAT is, uncover your natural ability on sections like the logic games, and help you gauge exactly how much prep you’ll need. For those of you who want to take the LSAT right away, this an excellent opportunity to collect major discounts and learn more about Blueprint LSAT Prep.

If the free knowledge, food, swag, and discounts are not enough of a draw, consider this: UCULR works exclusively with Blueprint LSAT Prep because we think they offer the best prep in the Chicago area. The point of studying for the LSAT is not to learn more about the world or work hard at something that interests you; it’s getting the best score you possibly can. Blueprint LSAT Prep will help you get to the score. Here’s why:

1) Quality Instructors: All the Blueprint Chicago LSAT prep instructors scored a 170 or higher on their own LSAT, which means that they know what it takes to get a good score. Not only will they use the Blueprint method to help you get to the 171 of your dreams, they’ll use their own personal experiences to increase your score by an average of 11 points. Plus, you get to work with instructors like Luke, who got an unprecedented number of “thank-you’s” after the October LSAT were released.

2) Entertaining Classes: As someone who studied for and took the LSAT, I can say that the whole process is excruciatingly boring. Blueprint LSAT instructors know that, so they put just as much effort into keeping you awake as teaching you formal logic.

3) Prep Options for Every Kind of StudentLive, one-on-one, or online, Blueprint offers option for every kind of student with every kind of schedule. Live classes are conveniently located at the University of Illinois at Chicago campus, while online classes are even more conveniently located wherever you decide to open your computer.

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